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Builder’s Cleans and Preoccupancy Cleans

When it comes to post-construction or renovation cleaning, our cleaning company knows that attention to detail is crucial. Total Care Cleaning are commercial cleaning specialists and with years of knowledge built from working with independent companies to national contractors our experience and commitment to excellence will delivery against all your deadlines and expectations.

Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals are trained to handle the unique challenges presented by builder works. We understand the importance of removing construction dust, debris, and other residues to reveal the true beauty of your space.
Whether it's a newly constructed home, a commercial building, or a renovated property, our experienced team use the latest equipment and techniques to effectively clean and present the property in the best light.

Contact us today to learn more about our builders cleaning services and experience the difference our professional cleaning specialist can really make.

This service covers:

  • Recent renovations for a single residential dwelling
  • Large scale commercial new builds with established building contractors
  • Privately constructed buildings
  • Commercial buildings including fully construction, extensions, and renovations.

Our services are fully comprehensive and work within all Health and safety guidelines.

CALL US: 01206 326066

Ready to experience the Total Care Cleaning difference? Call us now for a free quote and let us take care of all your cleaning needs

CALL US: 01206 326066
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