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Window Cleaning, Fascias & Signage

Having clean and sparkling windows is essential to promote your business in the best light and ensures you are projecting the image of a professional company that takes pride in their appearance.

Our pure water fed pole system uses industry standard filters to remove all the minerals and impurities that cause limescale spots and streaks on your windows. Removing these impurities offers incredible cleaning potential without the need for any harsh chemicals. This system leaves your glass with a natural shine and streak free finish.

This system not only negates the need for traditional equipment such as ladders, minimising the risk to all parties, our professional grade equipment is designed for safe workings practices to heights of 60ft and offers and effective solution for cleaning all your business signage.

  • An effective cleaning solution for your windows and business signage.
  • Safe working height of up to 60ft
  • No chemicals required.
  • Adheres to Health and Safety regulations.
  • Minimises risk to all parties.
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CALL US: 01206 326066
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